“Bonnie and Clyde”- one of the best online movies

Crime drama is an extremely popular genre, in which the film of 1967 is one of the genre peaks because of its great story of love, passion, social revolt, bloody criminal bacchanalia, as well as an iconic movie, from which many critics begin to count down the era of modern Hollywood. Let’s remember the plot, backstage scenes, the most interesting facts from the shooting of the legendary online movies about the famous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s in the US.

Film plot

We’re shown a provincial Texas town during the great depression. Bored waitress Bonnie hates work, home, and life itself, which is completely lacking exciting events and adventures. One day, a girl catches a not-so-lucky thief who tried to steal her mother’s car. Instead of filing a police report, an adventurous girl agrees to go on a date with an imposing bully who confesses that his name is Clyde. 

Interesting fact

1. On the part of the authors, it was extremely bold to entrust the main roles to young artists, but the flair did not fail as the actual debutant Faye Dunaway and the little-known Warren Beatty coped just brilliantly, instantly becoming superstars of Hollywood.

2. The movie received two Oscar nominations: for best female actor in a supporting role (Estelle Parsons) and cinematography (Burnett of Gaffe).

3. Nine years before the landmark premiere, another director, William Whitney, released his own film on the theme of the infamous robbers “The Bonnie Parker Story”, but the project did not raise much enthusiasm, so Arthur Penn boldly started working on a film that will make him and the leading actors famous.

4. The idea of the future picture was born from screenwriters David Newman and Robert Benton against the background of their common love for French cinema, “new wave,” and specifically the drama “last breath” about a reckless young robber performed by debutant Jean-Paul Belmondo.

5. Full-Scale shooting was conducted in Texas at the memorable places where the legendary bank robbers committed most of their crimes.

6. The first review was devastating, did not hesitate in expressions, derogatory epithets and caustic remarks. After a short period of time, critics changed their anger to mercy, calling the film “Bonnie and Clyde,” a fellow French wave and a symbol of the Hollywood Renaissance.

7. The image created by Dunaway was so attractive and effective that a new trend appeared in fashion – a La Bonnie Parker.

8. The writers have deviated far from actual historical events. Especially unhappy with a separate storyline was the widow of Frank Hamer, a Texas Ranger who organized a trap for bandits. The widow and her son sued the producers, who rushed to meet the plaintiffs’ financial requirements, preferring to resolve the case in a pre-trial order.

Of course, the real lovers Barrow and Parker were not nearly as beautiful as the artists who depicted them on the screen. This is what the real Bonnie and Clyde look like — they are plain, small, and unsightly. However, thanks to wonderful f movies, people remember the odious bandits exactly as spectacular, charismatic, and devilishly attractive as in the VoiceOver photos of the famous drama by Arthur Penn.

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