How the new free movies about the war in Pacific “Midway” was shot

“Midway” is the name of a new film by Roland Emmerich narrates the Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where in the summer of 1942, it was a key battle in the Pacific theatre of operations.

On the film

Ever since “Patriot” with Mel Gibson, the German-American director didn’t shoot historical free movies for almost twenty years, until he returned to the story, which he wanted to screen back in the late ’90s. Then the cinematographer could not find an investor for the project, now the experienced master also failed to enlist the support of a major Studio, but eventually managed to find private American and Chinese investors.

In the mid-1940s, the Americans and Chinese joined forces against the Japanese militarists in the Pacific (article on the topic: The Pacific during World war II), and almost eighty years later, they united in backing an epic movie starring popular actors:

  • Woody Harrelson,
  • Ed Skrein,
  • Luke Evans,
  • Nick Jonas,
  • Aaron Eckhart,
  • Dennis Quaid,
  • Patrick Wilson, 
  • and singer and actress Mandy Moore.

Interesting facts

1. The battle for Midway Atoll has already become the subject of a major historical drama (“Midway”, 1976), where prominent actors starred: Charles Heston, Henry Fonda, Robert Wagner, and other Hollywood stars of the last century.

2. We all watched a cool movie with Ben Affleck, where brave fighter pilots raided enemy industrial facilities and thereby changed the unfortunate course of the war. In reality, this happened in the area of Midway Atoll, where the largest battle took place, in which the Japanese lost 4 heavy aircraft carriers, 248 aircraft, and thousands of the best and most trained soldiers and officers.

3. In honor of the glorious victory, the leadership of the US Navy designed a series of heavy attack aircraft carriers, the most famous of which, the USS Midway, faithfully served for more than half a century, to turn into a museum ship, which attracts about a million tourists every year.

4. The premiere of the film took place on November 8, 2019 – the national holiday veteran’s day and the first poster of the military drama was released by the authors on June 4 in honor of the 77th anniversary of the battle of Midway Atoll.

5. Several previous projects of Roland failed at the box office, but the first reaction of critics and the results of the box office claim that this time the honored master produced a very worthy film that everyone should watch free movies online.

Collected from several independent sources, the 100-million budget of the film allowed the authors to turn around in full building large pavilions in Montreal and to organize a large-scale shooting process on Oahu and other Islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. Next, you’ll see a collection of bright photos from the shooting of the film “Midway” depicting equipment, famous artists, powerful extras, and another action-attraction from the famous master of epic cinema Roland Emmerich.

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