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In the spring of 2020, director and actor Clint Eastwood will celebrate his 90th birthday. The famous master has recently released a new film, “Richard Jewell” and critics claim that this is the best film of the honored veteran of Hollywood in the last decade.

Last year, the famous cinematographer showed a remarkable acting work in the biographical drama “The Mule”. In 2019, he presented a brilliant Director’s work dedicated to the dramatic events in the Olympic Atlanta of 1996. We want to go back to the glorious 1960s and 70s when Clint Eastwood was still famous as a director, but simply was the coolest man in Hollywood action cinema.

Watch movies online free key images of young Eastwood – a macho Northern soldier from a Western

“The Outlaw Josie Wales”, the noble shooter from the “dollar trilogy “of Leone and “Dirty Harry Callahan” from the detective series about a tough cop from San Francisco. The first part of this action franchise was released in the winter of 1971, spawned four cool sequels, and defined the look of the genre for decades to come. In 1971, the forty-year-old artist took the director’s chair for the first time – the success story of Eastwood-the director was as successful as Eastwood-the actor.

This is directly and explicitly stated by numerous prizes and awards (in addition to less prestigious awards, the collection of the Hollywood Titan includes two Director’s Oscars and the same number of statuettes for the best film of the year) which he received for more than half a century of career, which began thanks to the innate image of the cowboy.


In the early 1950s, a native of sultry California:

  • attended University,
  • served in the army,
  • moonlighted as a pool cleaner
  • tried to get into movies.

For the time being, the young man was listed as an extra for several passing projects, until one day he went to visit a friend. Here, an ambitious guy met a TV producer who needed a cowboy performer for a new show. Clint was always confused with this macho type, so he readily responded to the offer and quickly turned into a TV star, playing in eight seasons of the CBS Western “Rawhide”.

The rejection of the big roles

“Dollar trilogy” turned the actor into a superstar of the Western genre, which in fame and status is second only to John Wayne. There were chances for a Western star to appear in entirely different roles, but Clint refused to participate in the 007 franchise and the film adaptation of the Superman comic book. Like his character, Harry Callaghan will say in the future, “Everyone should do their own thing.” Eastwood was not going to star in a superhero movie and go public in the image of James Bond. He speaks respectfully about these projects, which are worth to watch free movies but considers them alien to the path in cinema, chosen already in his younger years.

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